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Date: 2005 July 1
From: Diego T

Personally, I think lights flashing on and off are interesting, and so is this ticking website, or at least the idea of a ticking website, as I am using a mac and thus no 'tick' ticks forth.

For mac users, this website thus 'addresses the issue of alienation and the harmful effects of mass-accesability aimed at a large, but incomplete, portion of humanity. It also addresses questions the distinction between 'real' and 'imagined' events'.

Or something.

Date: 2005 July 7
From: Jennifer

I heard about an exhibit in London where the an "artist" dumped trash in the middle of the gallery floor. An unlucky but hard-working janitor saw the mess that night and assumed that some idiot has made a mess. He cleaned up the trash and was fired the next day for destroying the work of art. What's even juicier is that the young exhibit workers had to go through the trash dumpster and pull out the pieces that they could identify with a photo which had been taken the day before. Whew. That would have been tragic!
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