2007 Aug 7 They're at it again, please see the note from a year ago below...

2005 Aug 30: Ticking.net does not send unsolicited email.. We've sent out probably about 10 emails in the life of ticking.net. If you received a message with ticking.net in the "from" column it is, perhaps an attempt to keep us from getting our tick across. Maybe a disgruntled artiste' !

The ticking website was motivated by Madonna.

I was living in London in 2002. At the famous Tate Gallery, some guy was presented a prestigious award by Madonna for having a room where the lights flashed off and on. The artist will likely try to claim artistic motivation for ticking.net  because it "moved me" or inspired" this site. I really don't know about that. Maybe it's just my shot at trying to get an opportunity to meet Madonna too.

Now if a room flashing lights off and on is considered something worthwhile to humanity, then by far, so is the ticking website. Not only that, you don't have to pay a fee to see, ...er, "hear"  it.


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